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NASN TV makes it a point to answer all your questions. On this page you will find the answers to the questions frequently asked to our support team. If you have any further questions, you can contact the support team through our contact page. We guarantee you :

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NASN.TV is an exclusive information service that allows you to be up to date on many areas! For example: all the latest movie releases, the latest series releases, the latest sports news, when the next season of your favorite series will be released, the latest news & events on video games, etc.

NASN.TV is an ultra complete media that deals with many themes, for all tastes.

Not sure what to watch tonight? Find the right program for you with our personalized search tool: search for a movie or a series that suits you according to many criteria: genre, year of release, duration, actor, audience ratings. We'll list the programs that best suit you, along with links to the official broadcasting platforms!
No need to browse for hours on Netflix to find the program that suits you!

Yes, NASN TV guarantees immediate, stable and uninterrupted access even on the entire service.

The service is fully operational immediately after registration. It takes 4 to 5 minutes to install the application and connect.

Yes, the service works on 3G / 4G / 5G and wifi.

Yes, the weekly offer means that you will be charged every week until the service is terminated. You are free to stop the service directly in your My Account area. With the annual offer, you only have to make one payment to benefit from the service for 365 days and benefit from an advantageous rate.

Yes, the service can be terminated by the user in his account space. The termination of the service will stop the payments AND stop the access to the service IMMEDIATELY. To benefit from the full duration of the service for the paid period, remember to cancel on the last day of your period. Any termination during the period will result in the termination of the service and the loss of the period following the termination.

No, there are no additional fees. Rates are quoted in € (Euro) for the Euro zone, in £ (Pounds Sterling) for the UK and in $ (Dollar) for the rest of the world, including the USA.

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