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Dispatches from the field, brought to you by the editors of Howler Magazine.

Howler Radio: Episode 8 – The Half-Time Hero

One day in 1994, Steve Davies lived the dream of every soccer fan. He was plucked from the crowd by Harry Redknapp, the manager of his favorite team, and sent onto the field for West Ham United. We featured Steve in Howler issue 03, and now you can hear him tell his own story.

Howler Radio: Obsessed

In this episode of Howler Radio, stories about people who schedule their lives around soccer games, who choose their teams over potential love interests, and just generally decide that soccer is the one thing in life they absolutely can’t do without. You know who you are.

Howler Radio: Episode 2

If you’ve been to a Major League Soccer game, you’ve probably heard this chant—we’ll call it YSA for short. In this episode of Howler Radio, we talk to a fan group about how it started. We hear from pro goalkeeper Jon Busch about what it’s like to be called an asshole in public. We ask a sports psychologist whether the chant is even, you know, effective. And we have a pretty interesting interview with a league official about how far MLS is willing to go in order to eradicate “You suck, asshole!” from its stadiums.