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Today’s show features discussions with former English Premier League referee Jeff Winter and ex-Tottenham captain Gary Mabbutt.

Guest panelists Richard Morgan and Sam Tighe (Bleacher Report) join Terry and Will to discuss Jack Wilshere’s performance and Brazil, the FA’s decision to fine Sir Alex Ferguson for comments made about a referee’s assistant and Andre Villas Boas’ time thus far with Tottenham.

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  1. Eric

    First of all, great job, I love the show.
    Two comments on your last show:
    First, one of you mentioned that Theo Walcott was “the next big thing” and he hasn’t turned out to be that. While he may not have lived up to the ridiculous expectations yet, may I remind you that he’s still only 23, and getting better and better. ALSO, go look up Theo’s statistics this season and compare them to any player in the WORLD not named Messi or Ronaldo. You’ll find he compares with the best.

    Second, you talk about Jack Wilshere as if he’s injury prone or “fragile”. He’s had 1 injury, and yes, it kept him out a long time. However, he’s shown no sign of repeat since then (last weekend’s injury was unrelated). Additionally, one of you said “Wilshere went out after 1 kick to the calf.” If you feel that way, you clearly didn’t watch the match. Wilshere was being kicked and roughly tackled and targeted all match long (as he is almost every week). It was a 60 minute beating before going off, not “one kick”

    Wilshere is already a world class player, and if he can stay healthy (if referees provide him equal protection) can be one of the greats.

    Again, love the show, great work.