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Welcome to the debut episode of “The Prem” a new Barclay’s Premier League show hosted by Terry Baddoo and Will Tidey. Today’s show features a chat with special guest, USMNT and Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard.

Guest panelists Ryan Bailey (KICK TV) and Christian Radnedge (World Football Insider) join Terry and Will to discuss Arsene Wenger’s comments about the January transfer window, David de Gea’s struggles at Manchester United, Chelsea’s recent woes, whether Harry Redknapp can right the ship at QPR and Andy Carroll.

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  1. Martin Chapple

    I liked the show – it’s bright, breezy, informed and not over-serious. It made a refreshing change from the rather predictable comments of Hansen and Lineker on the BBC’s Match of the Day or the Radio 5 Live commentators. Will was a bit “echoey” soundwise, but all in all a very good show covering important issues with interesting angles on the “characters” in the Premiership. I follow a League Two team (Exeter City), but this restored a little of my old interest in the Premiership. Well done Terry!

  2. Will Tidey

    Thanks Martin, glad you enjoyed it. I’ve got a new mic coming, so hopefully the audio will be better for the next show. We’ve got some great guests and pundits lined up. Spread the word!

    • No probs Will, thanks for reading it. I will whack it on my Facebook status. I have an unusual interest in the prog as I was a teacher training college with Mr. Baddoo in the ’70’s!

  3. Josh Johnson

    I really want to listen to this like all my other podcasts while I’m at work, but for some reason the only way to stream them here is through Stitcher. Please join stitcher!

  4. Good cast guys, really enjoyed it. I’ll make sure to tune in again in the future.

  5. Great energy, smart web page and this sounds like a regular well-oiled show, not a debut. Excellent booking in Howard, as he has transatlantic appeal and even I’ve heard of him! Where was Will broadcasting from? If he sits under a thick duvet ( not kidding) that will kill the echo. It’s a bit uncomfortable, but trust me it works.