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On this edition of The Big Question, host Aaron Stollar is joined by Zach Slaton (Forbes) to discuss the controversy surrounding Major League Soccer’s attempt to trademark the term “Cascadia Cup”.

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  1. Heya Aaron. Just listened to this show (I’m behind a bit) and I wanted to throw out there that you seem to take much of your argument from the farthest edges of each side of the argument. You get a little slogged down with those and it seems to keep you from the more central issues. In my mind the easy and normal argument is: The supporters made something and MLS, without asking, tried to take control over it. Even if the intentions were pure, it sets a precedent that anything the supporters create can now be taken by the league if they want it. I’m not any supporters group is ready for that new set of rules. The CCC wants to keep control of the cup simply because there is no guarantee that MLS will do one thing or the other with it. At least when you have control of the thing, you have some control over what can and cant be done with it. It would be interesting to hear a show with members of the CCC as a follow up to this one. Thanks for bringing up the topic in the first place.