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West Coast is the best coast today on MLS in 30 with Garrett and Jon welcoming in two of the finest soccer writers west of the Rockies. First, they talk about their favorite Nickelodeon shows and Landon Donovan’s impending return (the two aren’t related).

Geoffrey C. Arnold, the Portland Timbers writer for the Oregonian, comes on the show to talk about Caleb Porter’s impact on the team and how the Timbers preseason is progressing. Arnold also discusses his new book, “Cascadia Clash: Sounders versus Timbers” that looks at the rivalry between the two clubs.

Next up, Adam Serrano, the LA Galaxy Insider, tells the guys what Donovan’s return will mean to the club and looks at how life will be for the first few games without him.

The guys wrap up the show with a discussion about Robbie Rogers and whether he’d be a good fit in MLS should he choose to return to the game. All that plus a live, developing “Best ________ of the Week” and more.

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