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Welcome to Episode 2 of Center Line Soccer Radio, the San Jose Earthquakes roundtable discussion hosted by Robert Jonas. This week contributors Lisa Erickson, Joe Nuxoll, and Lyndsay Radnedge join Robert to discuss the Earthquakes disappointing loss to Real Salt Lake and look ahead to Sunday’s game against the New York Red Bulls. Is it time for Quakes fans to panic? C’mon folks, this was only one of 34 games in a very long MLS season. (Music mash-up from PomDeter)

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  1. Red card Ed

    I had no idea this was the Shea Salinas booster club. His energy is great but I think you are falling for what I think too many coaches fall for and that is work rate. Who doesn’t like work rate, but players must be effective and that is not Shea’s strength–yet. As all fans I am ready for any players to breakout, but I’m not seeing it. A player’s first touch is critical, but Shea’s weakness is his last touch, so at that point the first touch is irrelevant. I happened to catch a moment watching the replay that I thought was telling. Shea got the ball out about 40 yards with the entire defense to his left and spent far too much time looking around and not taking space. Clearly he did not have a sense of what HE needed to do and where players were and would be reacting. IMHO this is what must be instinctual for good soccer players– as opposed to players who are useful tools for a coach to deploy. I remain ready in waiting for the breakout. Glad you at least mentioned Baca. Seems more likely a hope for breakout.