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The Center Line Soccer Radio roundtable has taken a week off as the panel of pundits recharged for the second half of the season, but now they are back. And, wow, what a week to return! In a move so shocking, even a telenovela wouldn’t dream of it, the San Jose Earthquakes and head coach Frank Yallop parted ways. Part explanation, part therapy session, the roundtable tackles the “What?” and “Why?” and “What now?” questions that all fans have. Turning point or torpedo — the “Aha!” moment that led to the decision to let Yallop go has still to be determined consequences for the Quakes. Let the Center Line Soccer Radio crew guide you through, and get in on the conversation by sending your questions and comments to and your tweets to @CLSroundtable. Also, check out the Center Line Soccer Facebook page, and be sure to give the show a like. You’ll be glad you did!

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